Brazilians Teachers are not Valued - Brazilian News
By Larissa Longaray and Tiele Kawarlevski
December, 29th 2012. 

Brazil is the sixth economy in the world despite being the eighty-eighth in the education rank. Why is this happens? It is because a lot of facts, but we can mention that Brazilians teachers are not valued, then the students are not motivated to join in the career – just 2% of them think about following this profession.

Singapore is not only the thirtieth best economy in the world ranking, but its education is really more developed and their teachers are valued by everyone. On teacher’s day, the president receives the teachers who do special things for their schools and gives money as a way of rewarding the bests, and because of these rewards people adore these teachers.

If you think that the reason for the good education in Singapore is just because of its size – this country has just 5.1 million inhabitants – it is not. China, that is so much bigger (1.4 billion inhabitants), has an education that deserves to be recognized. There the teachers receive increases in their salaries with their professional development, even being their salaries small in the beginning.

According to those aspects, we noticed that even Brazil is in a higher position than Singapore in the economy ranking, but it invests much less on education. Our teachers get low salaries (in Singapore a teacher’s salary is equivalent to an engineer’s salary) and they have few chances to grow in the career. Because of this devaluation, we have fewer professionals in this area and it causes a big increase of job offers for those who work in this field nowadays, then they don’t have time to study and develop their education. This leaves our education to be stagnant, unable to evolve.

Of course, regarding demography, Singapore loses to Brazil, but it doesn’t justify our educational shortage. When we compare Brazil and China, for example, we lose in demography and in investments on education. China has a culture based on good treatment for the teachers and this country invests on future education for teachers. We can cite as an example the fact that people there are required to bow before the Emperor, but not teachers, because they have an extreme value to the society.

What leads Brazil to lose points in this aspect is our culture which is based on the history that certain careers are related to low salaries, like Letters, and, obviously, the low investment in education by our government. So, we have a lot to learn from these countries which invest much more than they can in education, to improve the internal work and motivate the natives to study, proving that in the end every effort will be worthwhile.

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