Rock in Rio, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, divided the opinions of Brazilian and international sites about its organization and production. The event occurred a few months ago in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By Audria Mesquita and Flávia Pires

Rock in Rio is considered one of the most important music festivals in the world. This event that unites recognized singers from many countries had its first edition in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1985, and after that, other cities also hosted the festival: Lisbon (Portugal) and Madri (Spain). This year, Rock in Rio came back to its original location. The event occurred from September 23 to October 2 exciting the city and putting it on focus. Analyzing the coverage of the event made by articles written to different interlocutors, we found different ways of seeing the same festival.

There is a positive point of view about Rock in Rio festival in the article written by Kim Dumo a few days before the event, titled Rock in Rio is here on the site The Rio Times[1]. Kim Dumo commented that there were over 700,000 sold tickets to the festival and the city of Rio de Janeiro was prepared to get fans from all over the world. Besides the international attractions, the event would also prestige Brazilian singers and they would play on the main stage named "Palco Mundo" (World Stage) promoting the music and Brazilian culture.  There is information provided by Secretariat of Tourism of the City of Rio de Janeiro (Riotur) about the importance of the event to the local economy, including the creation of new jobs:

“According to the Secretariat of Tourism of the City of Rio de Janeiro (Riotur), the event brought about R$461 million directly into the local economy, with a huge multiplier effect. Reports also suggest that more than 10,000 jobs have been created directly and indirectly during the event.”

Other positive point in the article was about  transportation especially for the days of the festival avoiding potential problems of traffic jams.

The report was made by a foreigner and it was evident throughout the text that he had a good impression of Rock in Rio. He referred to the spectacle as an epic event of music in the world.

In the article Rock in Rio não deixa história memorável/Rock in Rio does not let memorable history, published in a Brazilian newsletter (Estadão)[2], written by Jotabê Medeiros, the critic did not have good comments or conclusions to do about this event. According to him, Rock in Rio was very good concerning economical aspects (the money circled and the jobs created), but, when it comes to the main interest, the music, it was not so good.

Besides the bad critics about the creativity of the artists, this page from Brazil shows an evaluation table with the best and the worst in Rock in Rio. Differently from the article written to foreigners "Rock in Rio is here", the Brazilian site exposed the "dark side" of the event.  The worst things, according to the critics:

♪ Too many people in the same place

♪ Traffic jam in the exit

♪ Sewage spills on the heavy metal day

♪ Lack of boldness in programming

♪ Poor organization and queues on the first day

Both articles presented to the readers different points of view about The Rock in Rio Festival. The article written in English aimed to the foreigners and presented a more optimistic perspective of the Event, given its importance as a showcase to the music worldwide. On the other hand, the one that was written in Portuguese had several bad comments and negative aspects associated to the event. This may have happened because Brazilian people tend not to value what is produced in our country and, at the same time, we do not allow ourselves to see the good things we make. Well, a great festival like "Rock in Rio" will always have mistakes and points to improve, however the positive points need to be highlighted too. There is an agreement in both articles: the increase of the number of jobs in the city of Rio de Janeiro because of the event. The English article was written some days before the festival and the Brazilian article was written some days after it, so that can be a determinant reason for the differences between the points of view.


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