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Brazil is the second country that most performs plastic surgeries in the whole world. 

by Luana Schommer and Vanessa Almeida
December, 27th.

         According with a recent research, performed by "Correio do Brasil", Brazil occupies the second place in the world ranking of plastic surgery. In other words, after the USA, Brazil is the country that most performs plastic surgeries in the whole world. 

       We were very curious to know why so many plastic surgeries are being done here. “Portal Cirurgia Plástica” explains why: good price, investment in new techniques, and the quality of Brazilian surgeons are some of the appointed reasons. These three reasons bring to Brazil many foreigners who want a plastic surgery; and the surgeries that they do are part of the 645.464 plastic surgeries that were done here in 2009, according “Correio do Brasil”. 

      Not all plastic surgeries are performed for aesthetics reasons, some of them are reconstruction surgeries, but, still according to “Correio do Brasil”, nowadays the number of aesthetic surgeries is increasing.  The most wanted surgeries are liposuction and silicon implantation. Only 9% of the implantations are reconstruction surgeries. These facts suggest that most people resort to surgery rather than physical exercise and healthy habits to get the wanted body.  

      Nowadays, the demand for a perfect body is increasing.  The fact that Brazil is the second country where most plastic surgeries are done is not insignificant, it has to do with the stereotype of “Brazilian beauty”, once people often feel pressured by stereotypes. Day after day, people are looking for improvements in their appearances, and not only Brazilians, but all people are very worried trying to be shaped, and this is not a crime. If someone is dissatisfied with his/her body, plastic surgery is a solution for that. But even if it is for aesthetic reasons, it is still a surgery and any surgery has risks involved.     

    As any other type of surgery, plastic surgery has to be done with a qualified professional in a qualified clinic. Even with the good prices, Brazil has clandestine clinics that are usually very cheap, (much more than a qualified clinic) but not safe. These clinics usually do not have a doctor or appropriate gear. Complications during the surgery or as a result of surgery are not uncommon, and people dying as a result of these are not uncommon too. 

      Plastic Surgery is a useful resource when people are not satisfied with their bodies. This is something to improve self-esteem, and it is not wrong. If you have the opportunity to make your body better, why not? But the decision has to be made consciously and assuming the fact that a plastic surgery is not something so simple as most people think.   

      Being happy with our appearance is nice and important, but how far should we go to have a "perfect" body and a "perfect" face? First, perfection does not exist, it is just a convention created by people that think women are beautiful just if they are thin, have a fine nose etc., and if men have a great body, and they are brawny, etc. Problems like postsurgical infection and an unexpected result can happen. People have to think about every detail when they are thinking about doing a plastic surgery. But are the risks of surgery are compensated? This question only concerns a person who wants a surgery.

2/4/2015 05:09:39

These three reasons bring to Brazil many foreigners who want a plastic surgery; and the surgeries that they do are part of the 645.464 plastic surgeries that were done here in 2009, according “Correio do Brasil”.


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