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OXI: The New drug?

Oxi kills in just one year

By Marta Takeda and Camila Brito

                Our article was based on two articles published on the website of BBC News – “Brazil sees spread of Amazon ‘crack cocaine’ oxi”, by Paulo Cabral, and BBC Brasil – “Entenda o que é o Oxi e como a droga se espalhou pelo Brasil”, by Camila Costa.

                We compared the structure of both articles and from this comparison we can see how they were organized.

                According to the article on BBC News, “In the dark alleys of cities in the Brazilian Amazon, the smell of burned plastic and fuel is in the air, coming from small groups of people smoking under the cover of night .”

                The  article on BBC News is more about the social effects of the drug (how drugs destroy the lives of users) than the physical effects in contrast with the article in Portuguese, whose structure is made through questions and answers, including the opinion of experts.
Police say they are seeing more oxi on the streets.
The Oxi appeared in several states, as a cheap alternative to crack cocaine.
                The first reports of consumption of oxy were recorded in Northern Brazil. Experts and researchers say the drug began to enter the country across the border with Bolivia – which is the third largest producer of cocaine in the world, according to the UN.

                What is the Oxy? What is its composition?

                Oxy is considered a new drug to the media. However, it is considered by experts a cheaper and much more toxic variation than crack cocaine, cocaine based paste combined with easy access to chemicals like kerosene, gasoline, lime or solvents. Because of this highly toxic composition, it is more lethal than crack. Oxy can be used with ordinary cigarette and marijuana cigarette, but is usually smoked in homemade pipes, the same way crack is consumed.

                The toxicity of this drug reduces the user’s life by 20% compared to crack users – who live five to six years, while at least 30 % of crack users may be dead after a year of use.

                According to psychiatrist Pablo Roig, director of the Greenwood Rehabilitation Clinic ,  SP, Oxi releases dark smoke to be consumed and usually leaves a brown residue similar to the effect of rust on metal. So the drug was called “Oxy”, short for oxidation.


                The person may feel different sensations, which can range from pleasure and relief from anxiety and paranoia.

                Helena Lima, Psychologist, says “For the description of users, we know that Oxy is effective between seven and nine seconds from the time when it is inhaled."
"We say that Oxy is homemade because of its production, but, in biochemical terms, it is very complex and sophisticated, so very harmful.", she says.

                Once in the body, that combination of substances of Oxy can cause serious injuries from the kidneys to the mouth. Prolonged use increases the chances of diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, kidney and gastrointestinal problems – which are burdened by high amounts of toxins resulting from the chemical combination of the drug.

                How does Oxy come to Brazil?

                According to the UN, we know that Oxy comes to Brazil through Bolivia. There are reports that the use of Oxy began in Acre and Pará 20 years ago and  has spread across the country over the past seven years.

                One of the first Brazilian studies mentioned that Oxy was investigated by the psychologist and public health expert, Helena Lima, Acre, in 2003. Lima also says that “…the structural problem of the growth of Oxy is out control of chemical inputs. The ease of access to these substances occurs throughout the country. "

                This drug has spread through the users, from hand to hand, but there may be drug dealers and police officials involved in the distribution.

                The director of DENARC, Walter Gíldice, reckons that there is a possibility that drug dealing organizations are directly linked to the proliferation of Oxy.

                What is being done to avoid the proliferation of the drug?

           Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) is conducting a field survey on Oxy in Brazil, requested by the National Anti-Drug Secretariat (SENAD), an agency under the Ministry of Justice.

                According to Helena Lima, research is essential to understand how the drug is being produced and who is being reached in each region. The lawyer and former national drug secretary, Walter Maierovich, says that, in addition to campaigns that warn about the dangers of drugs, you must do a more severe control over the sale of chemicals most commonly employed, such as lime and solvents.

                Oxi is a devastating drug because it contains heavy chemical substances. It is necessary to control the access to these substances in commerce and also to launch campaigns to warn all the people about this highly toxic and terrible drug.

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