Lollapalooza Brazil - Brazilian News
A Festival for everyone

By Renata Staudt

            If you think Brazilian people only like samba music, I am so sorry for telling you that you are wrong.

            Lollapalooza has a lot to celebrate with its first Brazilian edition. It took its first steps in April, 2012, in São Paulo (in Jockey Club) for 2 days and it gathered a crowd about 70,000 festival-goers who came out to see everything from lLocal bands to the biggest international stars.

            But it was Foo Fighters that everyone was waiting for, and they didn't disappoint. Dave Grohl and company played everyone's favorites, including "Learn to Fly," just as planes flew overhead while taking off from the nearby airport. After doing the show, Foo Fighters invited Joan Jett (The Runaways) on stage to sing with them (including "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," of course). The crowd sang every word to every song, proving Lollapalooza's Brazilian adventure a tremendous success.

            The second day of Lollapalooza Brazil proved to be more interesting in its programming, since it did not have a headliner as powerful as the Foo Fighters did, giving  the public a variety of bands.

            Friendly Fires attracted fans and curious people to their show. However, it seemed that it lacked a certain boldness in the band, and those who have been attending the gringos festival broadcasts online know that Friendly Fires performances are usually not well done.

            Even when it rained no one seemed to mind. Gogol Bordello and Foster the People were early crowd favorites, both bringing energy to the stage that kept the fans going. Foster the People was surprised for bringing on a reaction so warm in the public. It was visible the joy in Mark Foster’s face each time people sang along his successes! The show was very interesting and dynamic because of the instruments used by Mike Foster, who played the keyboard, the guitar, the percussion, the cowbell and even the maracas. With only 12 songs on the set list, the band closed its show playing the song "Pumped up Kicks", and adding a segment of electronic music, transforming the rock into a great ballad.

            Arctic Monkeys performance was focused only on the songs, not on the fans, nevertheless their songs are so great that everyone cried while Alex Turner and his band played the beautiful song ‘’505’’. If the band had kept more attention to the fans, I think the show would have had more emotion.
            Over on the aptly called "Perry "electronic stage, the music never stopped. DJ sets from the likes of Peaches and Calvin Harris turned the space into an outdoor nightclub, complete with strobe lights, a dance floor and a cozy atmosphere, due to the tent blocking out most of the night sky.

            As you have seen, Brazil has a lot of different cultures and lifestyles. Lollapalooza is an international festival known around the world and it can bring another thought of what Brazilians like listening to. This alternative concert has been reverberating abroad; consequently, it has been introducing new bands to Brazil and another Brazil to the world.

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