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Brazilian politician José Dirceu is condemned to ten years and ten months in jail
By Dêner Ramos and Fernanda Araujo

Brazilians woke up with surprising news a few days ago. José Dirceu, a reputed politician in the country, was sentenced to 10 years in jail due to the Mensalão scandal. Dirceu was condemned for criminal conspiracy and active corruption in the criminal process which has been considered a remarkable moment for the Brazilian Justice.

The Mensalão scandal is the popular name for the exchanging votes system committed by parliamentarians for money reception which occurred during the year of 2005. José Dirceu had his mandate struck down on December 1st, 2005, but was judged permanently only this year, alongside with other politicians such as Roberto Jefferson, Marcos Valério and José Genoino. This is Dirceu’s second arrest; the first was in 1968, during the dictatorship in Brazil.

Dirceu’s sentence reverberated in the most important press media of the world, once the impunity in the country has been a constant issue and public concern. The New York Times said that “In the scandal now under examination by the high court, by contrast, the breadth of the charges is stunning”; the El País journal asserted that the condemnation was surprisingly built up by politicians who have established relations with Lula, the ex-president of Brazil, who was friends with Dirceu as well.

After the announcement, the whole country manifested its relief for the decision of the Court. The main expectancy now is that trials like the one in this case become a pattern, which is truly important to solve the corruption.

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