by Ismael Moreira and Francine Soares
December, 29 2012
Brazil is on the edge! The country known worldwide for land of football are facing some problems to bring the Cup back.

We have seen circulating in the media a lot of publications and news about the World Cup that will happen here in 2014. It is impossible to host the Cup without compliance with requirements imposed by FIFA. As the time is passing in front of us, we are facing problems with stadium buildings, expenditure, and money management. This race against the clock is observed by the eyes of other countries that are closer and closer to what the Brazil is making to hold the status of host country of World Cup. Foreign newspapers and national, too, are the response to keep everyone informed.

Newspapers such as Alaska Dispatch– a North-American website of news – are one of the response to keep everyone informed. Recently this news website wrote an article talking about the infrastructure of stadiums and the money that has been spent until now. As we Brazilians know, and the Alaskan reinforced in its article, there are a lot of stadiums that will not be able to host games either be finished for the Cup in 2014. Concomitantly, a national news called G1 talk about the same thing: money wasted by Brazil in infrastructure construction. On May of this year only five percent of the work was done, said the G1 news. The website also made a list with all the stadiums that are being building in our country, showing the real situation of which one. Perhaps, what most Brazilians are thinking is right: Brazil is not ready to host the Cup, and maybe neither it will be.

The preparation to host the World Cup looks like a reality show, and each next step that Brazil takes will be reported for not only in national, but in all the newspapers of this world. Since the beginning, Brazilian people realized that the Cup could not have a good performance here, but everyone is optimistic with a positive course for the World Cup 2014. With the Alaska Dispatch's article and The G1's article, we can see how much other countries are looking at what Brazil is facing. It is a fact that Brazil is a very rich country, nevertheless the projects are not building up and there are many obstacles (like Brazilian bureaucracy) that do not help these things to happen. Sadly, these is whopping and the whole world can see.

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